Big Brother 2011: Jem demands Faye to dump Aaron!

Faye and Aaron

We're starting to hope Jem survives this evening's Big Brother 2011 eviction, following an argument between her and sister Faye over Aaron. In a bitter feud away from the other housemates, Jem demanded Faye dump the 30-year-old!

Chatting in the diary room, Jem accused Aaron of playing games after he didn't defend her following comments by Harry.

Faye hit back: "You're really upsetting me. Can you stop talking about it? It's none of your business. Can you stop talking about it now?"

Jem replied: "No, because I'll always want to look after you because you're my sister. You're being silly."

But ignoring her elder sister, Faye continued: "Why am I being silly? Because I really like a guy? You've just told me that everyone in here says I've been acting like a fool in the house."