Big Brother 2011: Faye and Jem pass secret burping task

Faye and Jemma wrestle

Last night, Big Brother set sisters Faye and Jem a rather disgusting secret mission, asking them to annoy Aaron by burping in his face 15 times in return for drinks for the housemates.

Faye and Jem managed two burps each before Aaron got upset. As a result, Faye gave up but Big Brother persuaded Jem to carry on, offering her a bottle of champagne if she did just three more burps within one metre of Aaron. She did this successfully.

Big Brother then offered Jem soft drinks for Alex and chocolate doughnuts as an extra reward so Jem agreed to finish the task, successfully managing around 10 more burps.

Jem and Faye’s reward was delivered to the housemates last night.

> Watch a video of the burping task

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