Big Brother 2011: Anton and Jay trash the house! (VIDEO)

Anton and Jay

As the VIP Bi g Brother housemates last night attended the movie premiere of Paranormal Activity 3 outside the house, and the zombies were locked in the task room, ghouls Anton and Jay were let back into the house... to cause havoc.

The spooky two moved things about in the house paranormal activity style, putting chairs on top of tables, stealing beer from the fridge, moving saucepans from the cupboard to the fridge and randomly placing cutlery and knives around the kitchen.

Anton even hung a teddy bear from the stairs, how creepy. Jay placed dinner plates across the kitchen floor and proceeded to throw popcorn over it. The two then turned one bed on its side and undressed the beds. Anton wrote, ”It’s time” on the bathroom mirror using tomato ketchup as Jay created a mountain of dining chairs outside the diary room.

Watch the other housemates discover the mess below...