Big Brother 2011: One last twist in store for the housemates!

Anton ghoul

It's been a spooky week for the Big Brother 2011 housemates, and tonight all will be revealed! Later today, Big Brother is hosting the world premier of Paranormal Activity 3, and 4 lucky housemates will have the chance attend, going outside to watch the movie on the special live stage cinema.

They'll be joined by a live crowd as well as a load of celebrities, but there'll be a fight for tickets!

To win one, they must be judged as the most entertaining housemates by the viewers. What they won’t be told is that the viewers are in fact Jay and Anton, who are still watching from the crypt.

One by one, Jay and Anton will decide which housemate is being the least entertaining. Once a housemate has been chosen as least entertaining, they will called to the diary room and told that they are so brain-dead that they must now become a zombie. A professional make-up artist will give them a zombie make-over, and they’ll be sent back out to the garden where they must emerge from a grave in their new form as member of the living dead.

The four most entertaining housemates will be given tuxedos and dresses to wear to the film premiere, while the zombie housemates will be sent to the small task room where they must sit and tell ghost stories for the duration of the film.

Leading up to the start of the premiere a host of amazing celebrities will walk through the house on the red carpet that leads up the stairs to front door, and outside to the cinema. While this is happening, the winning housemates will be able to mingle with the celebs and enjoy a glass of champers. The losing zombie housemates will be confined to the bathroom, however, where they will only be able to watch on as their fellow housemates mix with the celebrities.

After the premiere, the housemates will be called to the crypt where all will be revealed. After that, Big Brother still has a big final twist in store…

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