Big Brother 2011: Anton and Jay pass secret task!

Anton and Jay

Yesterday the Big Brother housemates had been trying not to scream. Big Brother told the housemates that if they screamed more than three times they would fail the shopping task. However, there was a twist...

Ghouls Jay and Anton - fake evicted on Monday night - were told the truth in their crypt; to actually win the luxury shopping budget they must ensure that more than three housemates scream. The ghouls chose which scary pranks they wanted to play on which housemate in order to get them to scream. Big Brother phoned Anton and Jay in the crypt throughout the day and asked them who they would like to scare.

Here are the results:

Louise screamed when she was showered with red water

Tom and Alex screamed when a skeleton appearing in the mirror


Harry didn't scream when a monster arm came out of the hatch

Louis didn't scream after a demon appeared in the diary room

Aaron screamed when dead bodies appearing in the hallway grabbed his leg.

Faye didn't scream at the ghost of little girl in the hallway

Alex did scream at a dog in a cage with Tashie’s head

Harry didn't scream at the spiders in the hallway

As the housemates screamed more than three times, ghouls Anton and Jay passed their secret task. They will be informed of the results this evening, when all is revealed in the crypt…