Big Brother 2011: Who nominated who - Week 6!

Alex Rose Diary Room

Yesterday, all of the Big Brother housemates nominated for the sixth time. New housemate, Jem will be nominating today for the first time. Big Brother called each housemate in turn to the diary room.

Aaron’s first nomination was for Anton. He says he simply doesn’t want to live with him anymore. Aaron’s second nomination was for Jay because he “has good points but they don’t balance out the bad.”

Alex was up next and first nominated Anton because she feels she can’t talk to him because he is always speculating what might happen in the house. Her second nomination was for Aaron because “he sees the house as a game and he has to try and figure out what the game is.”

Anton was the third housemate called to the diary room and nominated Alex saying that she acts all “innocent and pink but she practically lied to my face.” His second nomination was for Jem because he feels she was responsible for them losing the luxury budget last week.

Faye was next into the diary room. Her first nomination was for Anton because she feels that he is wishing his opportunity in the house away. She also nominated Jay because she feels that they don’t have much in common.

Harry nominated Anton because he doesn’t like his new “villain” role and wishes “he would go back to his normal self.” His second nomination was for Jay because Harry thinks he has been “hard to live with” since he has been complaining about the food.

Jay’s first nomination was for Jem. Jay said that he wants her to leave because he is jealous that she spent her money on good food rather than tobacco as he did. Jay’s second nomination was for Tom because of similar reasons; he is jealous that Tom has been eating better than him.

Jem nominated Anton because he puts “negative thoughts” into people’s minds. Her second nomination was for Jay because she says he is entertaining to watch but he is not dealing with the lack of food very well.

Louise is up next to the diary room and nominates Harry because she doesn’t believe him when he says he wants to leave the house. Her second nomination was for Faye because she feels her relationship with Aaron has ruined the girly chats they used to have.

The final housemate to nominate was Tom and he chose Anton because “he said he was going to go back to his usual self but he hasn’t.” His second nomination was for Louise because he says she has been struggling with the “food situation” and that as a result she has been doing “really stinky farts!”

As a result, currently, Anton and Jay will be up for eviction and will face the public vote to SAVE with six nominations for Anton and four nominations for Jay.

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