Big Brother 2011: Housemates set 'Supernatural activity' shopping task!

Anton and Harry fight

Last night, the two Big Brother 2011 housemates up for eviction this week, Anton and Jay were asked to pack their bags and were called to the diary room. Big Brother told the pair that they were now “dead” to their fellow housemates and that they would be spending the next few days in a secret room...

Anton and Jay changed into ghoul costumes and were led around the camera runs by the grim reaper to their new home, the crypt. Inside the crypt, the two ghouls have a plasma screen on which to observe their fellow housemates continuing life after them in the main house.

To win a luxury shopping budget, the housemates in the main house will be told that they must resist the urge to scream. Big Brother will be attempting to scare them throughout and if they scream more than three times, they will fail. However, the ghouls in the crypt will be told the truth and must make sure that more than three housemates scream.

The ghouls will be given the chance to choose which scary pranks are played on which of their fellow housemates.

Scary pranks:
- The shower running with red water
- A skeleton appearing in the mirror
- A monster’s hand coming out of the hatch
- A demon in the diary room
- Spider webs in the halls
- Dead bodies in the hallway (one of which will grab a housemate’s leg)
- A haunting in the store room
- A ghost of a little girl

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