Big Brother 2011: Anton and Jay get power to change nominations in twist!


Big Brother 201 housemates Anton and Jay will be able to change the outcome of this week’s nominations in a shock twist, it has been revealed. The pair, who were nominated by their fellow housemates, will be watching their fellow housemates in a secret room!

Tonight, the pair were 'evicted' via the Diary Room, giving the housemates a goodbye message via the plasma after their supposed exit.

But the group didn't seem to by it, with both Faye and Harry unconvinced by their fake farewell.

In the Diary Room, and now in secret, Big Brother revealed his true intensions. Until further notice, Anton and Jay must live as ghosts in the house, with the power to change nominations. Dressed in black hooded cloaks with ghostly make up, they'll be watching the rest of the house via a secret crypt.

Stay tuned for more...