Big Brother 2011: Tom in tears wanting to go home!

Thomas O'Connell (Big Brother 2011)

It was an emotional day in the Big Brother house yesterday, as Tom ended up being comforted by his fellow housemates after working himself into quite an upset. The Mika-lookalike confessed to Aaron earlier in the evening that he had been struggling to cope with the pressures in the house.

"I'm appreciative of being here and stuff and want to be here until the end, but I don't want to be here if I'm not happy," Tom confessed. "It's getting a bit same old, same old.

"I didn't feel worried about today, but now I feel worried... what kind of reaction I'm going to get..."

Perhaps it was talking to aron, or just the pressure of the house, but not much later Tom found himself in a ball of tears outside the Diary room...

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