Big Brother 2011 housemates given chance to win letters from home!

Big Brother 2011 house

Today, all of the nine remaining Big Brother housemates will each get a chance to win a letter from home, but only if they successfully disarm a bomb! Having been inside the house for nearly 2 months now, the group are certainly determined to hear how their loved ones are doing...

Housemates will find 9 Letter Bombs of Love placed in the living area, inside each bomb is a letter from a loved one The bombs will be activated at various times throughout the day The housemate’s mission is to disable their bomb before it detonates

The housemate whose bomb has been activated will have 2 minutes to answer a multiple choice question, revealed on the plasma, by cutting the correct coloured wire on the bomb.

Cutting the wire that corresponds with the correct answer will disarm the bomb and unlock the letter

Cutting a wire that corresponds with an incorrect answer will detonates the bomb, destroying the letter

Failure to cut a wire within the 2 minutes countdown will also detonates the bomb, destroying the letter

Best of luck, housemates...

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