Big Brother 2011: Harry Blake proves his poshness in new task

Harry Blake (Big Brother 2011)

This afternoon, Big Brother housemate Harry was called to the diary room and took part in a special task, Big Brother's Posh Test. In order to win a luxury hamper for him and the other housemates ahead of tonight's eviction, he had to prove that he was over 90% posh.

Harry failed in gaining “posh points” because of the following:

* He couldn’t tie a bow tie in less than 90 seconds (his excuse was that he always wears a clip on).
* He was also unable to identify a port glass correctly (he chose a sherry glass) and failed in his attempt at singing opera for Big Brother (he tried to sing Nessum Dorma).

However, he passed for the following revelations:
* He told Big Brother that he has once taken a bus – although it was a “school bus to hockey”.
* He also revealed that members of his family do own a Land Rover and it does have muddy paw prints inside.
* Harry admitted that he had played Polo before and even met Prince Charles at a Polo Match (he gained a bonus point!)
* Harry was able to tie three sailor knots successfully and said that he still calls his parents “mummy” and “daddy.” He also revealed that his parents have nicknames for him and he is called “Honeybunch, Poppet and Bootsie.”
* He gained “posh points” because his family own 8 cars including a tractor, two Mercedes’ and a Landrover.
* He also gained points for telling Big Brother how he would chat up Pippa Middleton by going over to her and asking her to feel his jumper saying that “it feels like boyfriend materiel.”

Because Harry was rated as 93% posh in Big Brother’s rating, Harry successfully completed his task and has won a luxury hamper for him and his housemates to enjoy tonight.

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