Big Brother 2011: Housemates given 'Reveal the meal' task

Aaron and Faye

It seems Big Brother has gone all soft on the housemates! Just a day after giving them a basic shopping budget, he is giving the group a chance to win a nice dinner this evening as the housemates are set a new task called 'Reveal the meal'.

In the garden is a board that Big Brother has set up with ten different meals pictured on it. The meals range from a luxury three course banquet down to one pea. Each housemate will have their own stand with a cloche concealing an envelope containing one of the meals on the board.

One housemate, as determined by the spin of a wheel, will play ‘Reveal the Meal’ on behalf of the group and will be called up to the main stand with their cloche. Whichever meal is in their envelope (under the cloche) is the meal that they and the housemates will eat tonight.

The housemate who is playing ‘Reveal the Meal’ will choose to see other housemate’s envelopes one at a time, so as to work out the meal that the housemates can expect tonight.

At various points during the game, Big Brother will offer the playing housemate a Special Offer of an alternative meal. They must then decide whether to ‘Take it Away’ and accept that as tonight’s meal or ‘Stay and Play’ and carry on playing in the hope of a better Special Offer or meal under their cloche. If the playing housemate doesn’t accept any Special Offers, the house will receive the meal under their cloche for dinner.

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