Big Brother 2011: Housemates struggle to save their stranded pals!

Big Brother stranded task

Big Brother contestants Anton, Jay, Louise and Tom spent yesterday afternoon trying to rescue their fellow housemates for this week's latest shopping task, and so far it's not going all too well - with only Alex being rescued.

The Rescuer housemates have been set two out of four challengers a quest to rescue the stranded housemates Aaron, Aden, Alex, Faye, Harry and Jem.

Jay was the first Rescuer to accept the challenge and Big Brother told him that he would have to ski for 30 minutes (as estimated by him and the other housemates) in order to save a stranded housemate of his choice. He chose to rescue Alex but failed the challenge, skiing for 29 minutes and 50 seconds.

Later on this afternoon, Louise accepted the second challenge and again chose to rescue Alex. She went into the diary room and had to eat five bowls of flavoured yellow snow (flavoured curry powder, lemon, ginger, fish sauce and cow’s urine). She successfully detected three of the five flavours (curry powder, lemon and fish sauce) and therefore won the challenge and rescued Alex.

> Big Brother 2011: Housemates become 'stranded' in new shopping task

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