Big Brother 2011: Housemates become 'stranded' in new shopping task

Louise Cliffe

Today, six Big Brother housemates will become stranded and the four remaining housemates will have to rescue the Strandees of their choice in the latest shopping task.

Housemates were called into the garden and six of them had to make their way into the large task room. Once inside, they became the self-appointed stranded housemates and discovered a survival camp base, made up of electric hobs, camp beds and reindeer skins. The stranded housemates are: Aaron, Aden, Alex, Faye, Harry and Jem.

The four housemates who are left in the garden (Anton, Louise, Jay and Tom) automatically became the Rescuers and will face individual challenges in order to rescue a stranded housemate of their choice. If the Rescuer fails their challenge, the Strandee that they have chosen will remain stranded.

Rescuers are allowed to try and save the same stranded housemate more than once.

Rescuer Challenges:

Challenge 1: Ski Slalom
One Rescuer must ski non-stop for 30 minutes on a ski slalom machine, without breaks. As there is no clock, housemates must use their own judgement of time. If the Rescuer ski’s for 30 minutes or more, then the stranded housemate of their choice will be freed.

Challenge 2: Don’t eat yellow snow
In the diary room, one Rescuer will be presented with five ice bowls containing different flavoured yellow snow. They must eat the entire contents of all bowls in five minutes and then write down the flavour of the snow that they just consumed. If they guess three or more flavours, the stranded housemate of their choice will be freed.

Challenge 3: Housemate vs. Yeti
One Rescuer housemate will go head to head in a fight against a Yeti. They will each throw a snowball one at a time. If the Rescuer beats the Yeti, then a stranded housemate of their choice will be freed.

Challenge 4: Mount BB
One Rescuer must climb 1344 metres on a stepper up Mount BB to rescue a stranded housemate. The distance of their climb will be shown on a plasma screen. The Rescuer is allowed as many breaks as they like but the Strandee of their choice will not be freed until they have reached the summit. If housemates give up or don’t reach the 1344 metres, then the stranded housemate of their choice will remain stranded.

Stranded housemates: Whenever stranded housemates hear the helicopter sound, one Strandee must take a red handkerchief in each hand, climb on top of the rock and shout “HELP!” 10 times whilst waving their arms in the air. If a Strandee fails to do this, then £10 will be subtracted from their overall shopping budget each time they incur a fail.

With four challenges and 4 stranded housemates, two stranded housemates will automatically be spending the night stranded – but who else will be staying over with them..?

The Metal Box: If housemates are stranded for more than nine hours, a note will be placed in the hatch with two clues on it which hold the answer to a combination lock on a metal box that contains food for the stranded housemates.

Reward: If Rescuers free three of the six stranded housemates, they will win a luxury shopping budget. If Rescuers free fewer than three strandees, they will fail the shopping task and receive a basic shopping budget.

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