Big Brother 2011: OMG! Jay McKray and Louise Cliffe split up!

Jay and Louise

Despite spending all of last night snogging the faces of one another, Big Brother 2011 housemates Jay and Louise today decided to split up! Louise approached the hunky Geordie to tell him she just wanted to be friends, after just a few days together in the house.

She told him: "I feel a bit funny about the whole situation. Last night I didn't connect with you. I found it a bit strange. And I find it hard to talk to you. I think we should just be mates.

"I'm an honest person me, Jay. I couldn't carry on pretending. You've gotta say how you feel. This is how I feel.

"When I get in bed with you at night I'm snogging you, but I'm not speaking to you during the day, and sometimes when I chat to you it's a bit awkward."

Jay agreed, saying "I know what you mean. To be honest I was gonna say it."


As news spread throughout the groups, some of their fellow housemates weren't sure about the decision.

"I know it's none of my business or anything but I was listening to everything you were saying and stuff with what's happened with you and Jay," Aaront old Louise, "But... I know you say Jay's all fine with it, but I think he does really like you."

However, Louise replied: "We've got no chemistry. You know you and Faye, you can just sit down and have a decent chat, but I can't do that with Jay. I don't like getting in bed with him. I hope he doesn't hate me."

We think this has probably been one of the shortest Big Brother romances ever!

Watch the fall out on tomorrow night's show.

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