Big Brother 2011: Jemma and Faye Palmer given 'Can't Touch This' task

Jem Palmer

A mysterious button has appeared in the Big Brother house this afternoon, as part of a new task staring Faye and new housemate Jemma, Faye's sister. But what does it all mean? And what are the consequences of pressing it?

Once the housemates have pressed the button, a song will be played into the house, and Faye and Jem will be called to the diary room.

Inside diary room the two sisters will find a table and a stack of giant playing cards. Ominously facing the table is a large fan.

Big Brother will inform the pair that their task is to build a house of cards; if they manage to do so to BB’s specifications they will win a take away for everyone. However, what Faye and Jem will not be told is that the fan is activated by the button in the living room. So, whenever the other housemates press the button to play a song, the fan will switch on and blow down their house of cards.

Despite the fan being repeatedly turned on by the other housemates, Faye and Jem successfully managed to build a house of cards, and have therefore won a take away meal for everyone this evening. The take away will be delivered to them around 6pm.

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