Big Brother 2011: Aaron, Anton and Harry sabotage the shopping list!

Anton Murphy (Big Brother 2011)

Jay was NOT a happy bunny in the Big Brother house yesterday when the shopping arrived, with piles of chocolate among the goodies delivered. Despite the group thinking they had spent £500 on a balanced selection of grub for the next week, the house pranksters had been up to mischief.

And having left in the morning, it was Mark this time who was mucking about.

Instead, Aaron, Anton and Harry decided to have a little bit of fun, with talk of buying suits, a scalectrix set and - of course - plenty of beer.

With no protein in this diet, what will Jay do?

Even Maisy got in on the act, although her request for "a hot guy" on the shopping list unfortunately couldn't be fulfilled by Big Brother...yet.

Tune into tonight to see the repercussions of the shopping sabotage!