Big Brother 2011: Housemates pass Toy Factory shopping task!

Toy Factory task

Big Brother gathered the housemates late last night to reveal the results of this week's toy factory shopping task. The group had been asked to fulfil an order of teddy bears, dolls and playing cards in order to win a premium £300 shopping budget this week.

The housemates had to make 120 bears, 200 dolls and 15 packs of cards. They made 125 bears, 201 dolls and 16 packs, and so passed the task.

However, Big Brother set both Tom and Maisy secret missions, unknown to each other and the other housemates. Maisy was offered an extra £300 for the shopping budget if she made the most toys, while Tom was offered £200 extra to make the most toys.

Big Brother revealed that both Maisy and Tom had made the most toys, and as Tom had made more than Maisy, the housemates received £500 for the week's shopping.

Watch the clip below...

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