Big Brother 2011: Housemates set toy factory task!

Big Brother Alex Diary Room

This week the Big Brother 2011 housemates are set to work in a toy factory for this shopping task, where they have to make teddy bears, dolls and packs of cards. But this being Big Brother, all is not as it seems, and there's a surprise twist in store!

The Task Room is transformed into a toy factory. The bossiest housemate will become the Factory Boss, who chooses two Duty Managers as their seconds in command. The remaining 8 become Factory Workers. Factory Workers have the day to fill an order for toys comprising of teddy bears, dolls and boxes of playing cards in order to win a premium shopping budget of £300.

The Factory Boss & Duty Managers
The Factory Boss is in charge throughout the task, with two Duty Managers as their deputies. They reside in their own luxury Office and can enjoy special privileges. They do not need to make toys, but they are in charge of overseeing the Factory Workers’ productivity and must ensure that enough toys are made to fill the three toy orders. In addition, the Factor Boss and Duty Managers are told that any toys which do not pass quality control will result in a £10 deduction from any shopping budget won, so it is in their interest to ensure toys are made both quickly and carefully.

Factory Workers
The Factory Workers must make toys constantly throughout the task in order to fill the order, including extra toys to allow for any which do not pass quality control. They must serve food & snacks to the Boss and Duty Managers whenever asked.

The Twist

Factory Worker # 1
Part way through the task, one Factory Worker is called to the Diary Room. Big Brother tells them they have the opportunity to increase the shopping budget to £500. All they have to do is make more toys than any other Housemate.
Factory Worker #2
Shortly after, Big Brother calls another Housemate to the diary room. Big Brother tells this Housemate they have the opportunity to double the shopping budget to £600. All they have to do is make more teddy bears than any other housemate

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