Big Brother 2011: Who nominated who - Week 4!

Alex Rose Diary Room

Yesterday, all of the Big Brother housemates nominated for the fourth time, resulting in Faye and Maisy both facing the public vote this week. Read on see what the housemates said as Big Brother called each of them in turn to the diary room...

Aaron’s first nomination was for Jay, because Aaron doesn’t want to live with him after his unacceptable comment. Aaron’s second nomination was for Anton, because he says he “acts like he is some sort of big cheese”.

Aden’s first nomination was for Aaron, saying “the evening before nominations, there’s always an argument and he always seems to be involved in it”. Faye was Aden’s second choice because of the “drama that surrounds her when she’s drunk.”

Alex was up next and first nominated Maisy saying that “she doesn’t really engage in conversation with me”. Her next nomination was for Faye because “she’s such an emotional person that her being in here is getting a bit much for her.”

Anton was the fourth housemate called to the diary room and nominated Faye saying that she is “emotionally volatile” and it is hard to live with. Anton’s second nomination was for Maisy saying “she is stuck in a medium world of nothingness.”

Faye was next into the diary room. Her first nomination was for Anton and her reasons were that she has felt a distance between them this week. Her second nomination was for Aaron saying that “as a friend, I’m not getting much.”

Harry nominated Faye saying, “I find she brings too much emotion to the house”. His second nomination was for Maisy because “although she’s a lovely girl, she’s too immature to live with long term”. He also said that he struggled with talking to her because she always breaks into song.

Jay’s first nomination was for Faye because he says “every time she has a drink, there is a drama.” He went on to nominate Mark next, saying that he should “let him get on with it” when Aaron gets down. It annoys Jay that Mark panders to Aaron’s emotions.

Louise is up next and nominates Maisy because she still feels uncomfortable with the way she looks at her all of the time and she says she feels that they haven’t “fully connected”. Her second nomination was for Faye that she gets too emotional and is “very young”.

Maisy nominated Aaron saying that it feels like she is “constantly giving” and never gets anything back in their friendship. She also nominated Mark saying that she questions whether he is genuine and says “I’m not sure if he’s playing a game or not.”

Next to nominate was Mark whose first nomination was for Aden. Mark said that he doesn’t feel he has much in common with Aden and as a result their conversation “doesn’t really go anywhere”. Mark’s second nomination was Maisy saying “she’s always just there” and he hasn’t built any memories with her.

The final housemate in the dairy room is Tom who nominated Aden and Maisy. Tom said that he finds it hard to speak to Aden as the conversation is often lost. He nominated Maisy because “she leaves talc everywhere!” and doesn’t do much around the kitchen.

As a result Faye and Maisy will be up for eviction and will face the public vote to SAVE both with six nominations each.

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