Big Brother 2011: Anton & Jay win fast food task (VIDEO)

Anton Murphy (Big Brother 2011)

Yesterday the Big Brother 2011 housemates competed in a task of speed and stamina to win a very special prize. Anton & Jay became the fast food racing champions, eating 12 mini burgers in 3 minutes - while pedalling around a track in the garden, to be crowed Big Brother's fast food heroes.

Housemates paired up to complete the task but due to the odd number of housemates, Aden became the solo housemate. Aden was placed in the Big Brother burger Hut and given the very important role of being the Burger server. Dressed as fat truckers each duo was called in turn by Big Brother to take their place on the road track. Working in their dream team pairs, housemates had to eat as many mini burgers as possible in the space of 3 minutes, while pedalling around the track clockwise.

Housemates could pass on taking and eating a mini burger on each lap - but the aim of the game was to consume as many mini burgers as possible.

The Prize
For winning the task Anton & Jay become Big Brother’s Fast Food heroes and fast food for the rest of the day. Anton was an oversized burger and Jay was given large Hot Dog, along with a burger meal each including a drink, fries, a juicy burger and a fun toy. They were not permitted to share their meals with any of the other Housemates or take their costumes off any point, except when going to the toilet. If they did, the entire house would have been punished.

For doing such a wonderful job as the burger server, Aden received a portion of delicious fries.


FAYE & MAISY - Faye ate 3 burgers & Maisy ate 4 burgers giving them a total of 7.
TOM & ALEX - Tom ate 2 burgers & Alex ate 2 burgers giving them a total of 4.
LOUISE & HARRY - Louise ate 3 burgers & Harry ate 4 burgers giving them a total of 7.
AARON & MARK - Aaron ate 6 burgers and Mark managed to eat 5 burgers giving them a total of 11.
ANTON & JAY - Anton ate 5 burgers and Jay ate a massive 7 burgers giving them the winning total of 12.

Watch a clip below...

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