Big Brother 2011: Housemates set fast food eating competition!

Maisy James (Big Brother 2011)

Today the Big Brother 2011 housemates have been dressed up as fat truckers for another wacky task to help pass the time in the house. Working together in "dream pairs", the housemates will be given a test of speed and stamina, in this fast food related task.

The pairs will be called to the garden one at a time, where they will find a burger hut and a 'race track'. The pairs must eat as many mini burgers as possible in the space of three minutes, while pedalling around the track clockwise.

The housemates have assigned themselves into pairs - Tom and Alex, Harry and Louise, Maisy and Faye, Mark and Aaron, Anton and Jay, leaving birthday boy Aden on his own! For him, it's a case of flipping burgers as he becomes Big Brother's burger server to the other housemates.

The aim of the game is to eat as many burgers as possible: but speed will be hugely important, since only one burger can be eaten per lap. The pair that consumes the most mini burgers will be crowned the winners and rewarded later today.

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