Big Brother 2011: Louise set secret farting task!

Louise Cliffe

This afternoon, Big Brother called Louise into the diary room and gave her a secret task. She was asked which of her housemate she would most like to go on a date with. Big Brother gave her the opportunity to win a special date with that person. Louise chose Jay.

Louise was presented with a Whoopee Cushion and was told that her task will be to use the cushion to produce 3 loud fart noises in the presence of other housemates. Louise was not allowed to use the classic whoopee method of putting it on people’s chairs and waiting for them to sit down. Instead, Louise had to conceal the Whoopee Cushion in her clothes and activate it herself.

Additionally, Louise had to convince her chosen housemate, Jay, to cover for her each time she farted, so that the other housemates did not suspect that she was the one with the wind problem…

Louise successfully completed her task and has won a chips and gravy dinner date with Jay, her secret accomplice.

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