Big Brother 2011: It all kicks off in the house over wine!

Heaven Africa (Big Brother 2011)

It sounds as though it was another dramatic night in the Big Brother house last night, but this time is wasn't about who was snogging who, as it all kicked off over wine. The night started peacefully, as Big Brother delivered the group’s shopping and some booze to celebrate passing this week's task...

The arguments began when [tag]Heaven Africa[/tag] went to the Diary room, leaving her share of the wine in the garden with the other housemates.

Cue a tipsy Faye, Louise and Maisy downing the remainder before trying to cover it up with watered down beer - apparently that’s just what wine is, after all.

Unfortunately for the trio, Heaven noticed the difference on her return and demanded answers, and that's when it all kicked off.


Anton decided to stir it up by naming only Maisy and Faye as the culprits, which Louise went along with. The result? Arguments between Heaven, Maisy and Faye over the wine, clashes between Maisy, Faye and Louise for not admitting her part and shouting matches between Anton and Faye for not naming Louise. Blimey!

In the end, Louise laughed off the rows, saying: “I’m not arguing over a sip of wine, it’s ridiculous."

However Heaven didn't seem quite so keen to put it all behind her!

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