Big Brother 2011: Faye brands Aaron and Maisy's kiss as "weird"

Faye Palmer (Big Brother 2011)

On Saturday night, Maisy and Aaron got a little close in the Big Brother house, snogging and sharing a bed together. Yesterday, an unsuspecting Faye - who has previously admitted to fancying Aaron - was informed of the news, and unsurprisingly didn't seem all too impressed.

Jay and Louise first both teased Faye, before discussing in the storeroom whether or not to reveal all.

Taking Faye out to the garden for a chat, Jay explained how Maisy and Aaron had kissed. Speaking later to Louise, a clearly disappointed Faye branded the pair's snogging as "weird" after Aaron confessed to liking her during a date they shared as part of a task last week.

Watch the clip below...

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