Big Brother 2011: Arguments kick off over Maisy's snog with Aaron!

Maisy James (Big Brother 2011)

Ahh, how the smallest of things can have a huge repercussions in the Big Brother house... On Saturday night, Maisy and Aaron shared a cheeky snog in bed, but after a day of Chinese whispers throughout the house about the pair's get-together, Maisy last night found out the other housemates thought she had had sex with him!

From there it all kicked off, as Maisy tried to discover who first started the rumour, starting with Louise. Confronting her in the garden, Maisy asked why she was "spreading such crap", but Louise claimed it wasn't her, and had been told by someone else.

With Faye and Tom quickly getting involved, Maisy deduced that it was one of the boys who were spreading the rumours. "The boys are spreading s***," she said. "It's horrible for me."

Talking in the bathroom, Maisy began to break down in tears as the row escalated, and Anton got involved revealing his take on the previous night's events.

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