Big Brother 2011: Who nominated who - Week 1!

Tashie Jackson

Yesterday, all of the Big Brother 2011 housemates nominated for the first time. Big Brother called each housemate in turn to the diary room to give their nominations, with Maisy, Rebeckah and Heaven all immune from being nominated for winning golden swimsuits.

First into the Diary Room was Aaron. His first nomination was for Tashie who he claimed is an “attention seeker.” His second nomination was for Anton who he felt had not “joined in” with the group as much as others.

Aden’s first nomination went to Alex. He felt that unlike the other girls in the house Alex has not tried to get to know him. His second nomination was for Tom. Aden mentioned that when he was upset after returning the Golden Swimsuit, he wanted “the guys” around him but Tom failed join them.

Up next was Alex who nominated Anton and Tashie. Alex said that Anton has made the least effort with her. Although she likes Tashie, Alex said that all conversations she has had with her end in Tashie talking about herself.

The forth housemate called to nominate was Anton. His first nomination was for Mark: “Everything he says is planned.” Aaron was his second choice. He told Big Brother that Aaron is “structured” and not to be trusted, “and I’m sure he nominated me.”

Faye was next into the diary room. She voted for Harry because she found him “awkward to talk too.” Her second nomination went to Aaron who she felt “doesn’t like me very much.”


The sixth housemate to nominate was Harry. His first choice was Aden who he said “never cleans up after himself.” His second nomination went to Tashie who he claimed “plays up to the cameras” and acts “ditsy.”

Next up was Heaven whose first nomination went to Harry. She didn’t think he embraced the Big Brother experience and always “goes to bed early.” Heaven’s reason for nominating Tashie was because she drank the milk that was reserved for Heaven without asking.

Jay was next into the diary room, his first nomination went to Harry. He cited Harry’s passion for fox hunting as his reason for nominating him: “He doesn’t eat what he kills!” His second nomination went to Aaron. “I don’t want Big Brother to feel like a funeral.” Jay says that Aaron doesn’t have fun and “doesn’t care about people’s feelings.”

Louise is up next. She nominates Tom because: “I’ve felt negative vibes off him and I sensed he was talking about me.” Her next nomination is for Alex who she linked with her reason for nominating Tom.

Maisy nominated Alex saying: “She snapped at me and told me I was shouting.” Her second nomination was for Mark who Maisy said had failed to remember her name on numerous occasions and is “past the point of being funny.”

Next to nominate was Mark whose first nomination was for Anton who he has not had a “one-to-one” conversation with. His next nomination was for Tashie who he felt he had nothing to talk to her about, “I’m less attached to her.”

Rebeckah was up next and chose to nominate Harry and Aaron. She cited Harry’s love of fox hunting and said that if his reasons for doing so were to protect his chickens, “build a bigger fence!” Her second nomination is for Aaron who she brands as “arrogant,” She says other male housemates make jokey comments to her but Aaron says things to her that aren’t funny.

Tashie is the penultimate housemate to nominate. She chooses Harry first and says that he makes “uncomfortable comments.” Tashie also felt that she had not got to know Harry yet. Her second nomination is for Aaron who she says is “quite sarcastic.”

The final housemate in the dairy room is Tom who nominates Louise and Harry. Tom says that Louise is “boring” and is also “lazy,” “I haven’t seen her wash up or anything.” He says that Tom seems like he doesn’t appreciate being in the house and also mentions that Harry hunts foxes.

As a result Aaron, Harry and Tashie will be up for nomination and will face the public vote to SAVE with five, six and five nominations respectively.

Tune into Big Brother 2011 tonight from 10PM on Channel 5 to watch the nominations, and to find out details on how to save your favourite.