Celebrity Big Brother 2011 house "on tenterhooks" as tensions rise

Paddy Doherty

Celebrity Big Brother housemates [tag]Darryn Lyons[/tag] and [tag]Paddy Doherty[/tag] discussed the rising tensions in the house last night, with Darryn saying that a big argument was only just around the corner. Speaking in the smoking area last night, the pair discussed the actions of the group after nominations were revealed.

Housemates learned yesterday that Darryn and [tag]Pamela Bach Hasselhoff[/tag] would be facing the public vote.

"I'll tell you what, something's going to go kaput, it's on tenterhooks," Darryn started.

Recalling the nomination announcement, Paddy said "My issue, was how everyone just scattered. Everyone ran away like mouses. I've never seen it before.


"I'm old school, I stand my ground."

Darryn added: "We're not stupid; all you need to do is look around the room and see who won't make eye contact with you. I know exactly every one [that nominated me]."

Paddy repeated: "Everyone ran away like mouses her there and everywhere."

The pair then went on to have a moan about Pamela, with Paddy saying of his new nickname from the Baywatch star: "Getting called Paddywhack, that name goes through me."

Housemates are currently unaware about a surprise midweek eviction tomorrow night.