Celebrity Big Brother tensions rise as Darryn and Amy bitch about 'div' Bobby!

Amy Childs

There's tension in the Celebrity Big Brother house this evening, with Amy Childs and Darryn Lyons annoyed at Bobby Sabel for labelling them the least intelligent and least kind-hearted housemates respectively. Bobby was unaware that as he spoke with Big Brother in the diary room, his chat was being broadcast to the other housemates.

For this week's Celebrity Big Brother shopping task, the housemates have travelled to the world of the Wizard of Oz, with nominated housemates Bobby, Sally and Kerry becoming Dorothys.

This morning, the trio had to pick roles for the other housemates in the diary room, giving Amy the role as the Scarecrow and Darryn the role of the Tin Man.


"I’m a good person," Darryn insisted after the decisions were made.

Amy agreed, but the Scarecrow couldn't quite find the words to sum up her feelings: "Bobby’s an absolute, oh I dunno what he is…"

Darryn continued: "He’s loving putting me through pain. Don’t worry Amy, I’ve fought harder battles than this," he added: "I thought he was lot more confident in the diary room than out here."

Amy chipped in: "Exactly. He’s got balls in the diary room but he’s not got any balls out here, has he?"

The pair both agreed that they wanted to see the model evicted this week with Amy rubbishing any chance of a romance by branding him a "div".

Bitching already, with two days still to go of this task...

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