Celebrity Big Brother housemates struggle with Wizard of Oz shopping task

Kerry Katona Dorothy

Earlier today, the three nominated housemates, Bobby, Kerry and Sally, all become Dorothy for this week's shopping task. As their first task, they were asked to choose roles for the other housemates, by selecting the toughest (Tin Man), the most wicked (witch), least brainy (scarecrow) and most cowardly (lion).

All of the remaining housemates became munchkins and one became Toto the dog.

The roles and tasks for the housemates are:

The Dorothys will find the Yellow Brick Road in the garden. At least one Dorothy must stand on the Yellow Brick Road at all times – including overnight – throughout the duration of the task.


A Dorothy must also oil the Tin Man whenever he rusts.

The Scarecrow must prove he has a brain. Big Brother will set a challenge later today.

The Tin Man must prove he has a heart. Big Brother will set his challenge later today…

The Tin Man must also freeze to a standstill every time he hears a ‘creak’. Dorothy must oil him before he can move again.

The Lion must prove he has courage. Big Brother will set a challenge tomorrow.

The Wicked Witch must avoid water at all cost, or she will melt. The Wicked Witch is forbidden from showering or bathing until the end of the task, and must only drink Wicked Witch’s brew (a foul green vegetable water), which will be provided by Big Brother.

Every time Toto and the Munchkins hear the Witch’s cackle Toto must run to his basket, cock his leg and howl while The Munchkins must run to the Garden and hide behind the giant flowers. Toto and The Munchkins must remain in hiding until the Witch’s cackle ends.

Today the Tin Man will have to prove to Big Brother that they have heart. Big Brother will call the Tin Man to the diary room, Big Brother will explain to the Tin Man that Big Brother is feeling a bit down today and needs cheering up. To pass their task the Tin Man must successfully cheer Big Brother up.

The Tin Man must also freeze to a standstill every time he hears a ‘creak’. Dorothy must oil him before he can move again. This task will continue over the 3 days.

Meanwhile the Scarecrow must prove he has a brain by answering six out of ten simple questions. The Scarecrow must stand in the pumpkin patch, and strap himself onto the Scarecrow’s post. A giant pigeon will then enter the garden, and torment the Scarecrow by throwing bird seed, eggs and feathers at them, while the Scarecrow attempts to Big Brothers Quiz.

But just a few hours in and some housemates are already moaning, it looks like it'll be a tough week...

It'll all air on tomorrow's highlights show on Channel 5.

> Celebrity Big Brother housemates set Wizard of Oz shopping task

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