Celebrity Big Brother 2011's Paddy: I'll flirt with everyone!

Paddy Doherty Celebrity Big Brother

Paddy Doherty has vowed to flirt with everyone in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year. Speaking to new! magazine before entering the house last Thursday, Paddy also insisted he wasn't going to shy away from confrontation with other celeb housemates.

"I won't take a back seat for nobody," the Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star said. "People have game plans but what I am is what I am. I won't run with the hare and sleep with the hound.

"I’m going to be myself. I hope there's no conflict, it won't achieve anything I won't take any s**t off anyone, though. I like to paddle my own canoe. I will just be going in there to be myself."

And the former bare-knuckle fighter confessed to being nervous about how viewers would react.

He said: "I'm worried they'll judge how I talk. I'm an outsider. I am a trillion to one - it is impossible for me to win. I'd like to win, but that's not going to happen. I'm not even thinking about that.

"I want to show who I am. We're travellers and we are just as human as you are and we are just as good as what you are."

Meanwhile Paddy admitted he was also up for a bit of a fun with the girls in the house: "There is nothing wrong with a bit of flirting. It will past the boredom. I will flirt with everyone."

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.