Lucien Laviscount 'wants to be four women' in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Lucien Laviscount Celebrity Big Brother

Teenager Lucien Laviscount is apparently planning to bed four women in the Celebrity Big Brother house, with the youngster admitting to having the hots for Amy Childs, Tara Reid, Kerry Katona and Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff. However from we've seen, it's going to be an uphill struggle...

Lucien admitted to Amy over the weekend: "I have said that I fancy you and think you’re hot.”

But he also admitted to not "getting" the TOWIE star - and confessed to being intimidated by her.

He said of Scrubs star Tara Reid: “Tara’s amazing. And I mean amazing, amazing," but also insisted he wouldn't be doing anything because she was married.


However Gypsy Paddy told the youngster: "Last night [Tara] was on heat.

“She may have only got married a few days ago but she is all over him like bees to honey.”

Darryn Lyons added: “Go for it stud. It’s not like you’ve got any competition with Pinky and Perky [Jedward] in here.”

However Lucien, didn't stop there, also flirting with Kelly: “There’s some hot totty in here. The birds are hot in here. You’re hot!”

And he told Pamela: "You’re gorgeous. You’re a beautiful lady. You’re Miss Fabulous.” But with both of the women saying the soap star was far too young; it looks like Lucien's luck is out here.

Meanwhile Darryn encouraged him to just "go for it", saying: "You’re a young stud. Why don’t you make your move?”

Ladbrokes spokesperson David Williams said last night they'd lowered their odds on sex on the Big Brother house to 6/5.

“There’s enough sexual energy in the house to power the National Grid," he joked. "We wouldn’t be at all shocked to see at least a couple of housemates get their kit off and get it on.”

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