Could Celebrity Big Brother end Sally Bercow's marriage?

Sally Bercow Celebrity Big Brother

Sally Bercow's decision to enter the Celebrity Big Brother 2011 house could lead to the breakup of her marriage to the House of Commons speaker John Bercow, it has been claimed. According to the Mail On Sunday, the move has taken a "terrible toll" on the speaker since Sally entered last Thursday.

Speaking on launch night, Sally said: "He wasn't very pleased at the time but he does know what I'm like and he respects the fact that I do my own thing."

The 41-year-old has already come under flack for taking part in the show, with some MPs demanding that she donate her fee - £100,000 of which is already going to charity - back to the taxpayer.

And the move is also weakening her marriage, pals claim.

A friend of the speaker said today: "There is no doubt that this could end his marriage. The stress and strain has taken a terrible toll on him.

"He has lost weight and gone greyer. He looks terrible and feels terrible. He can't go on like this. Some of us have told him he has got to seek a divorce for his sake and for his children's."

Another claimed: "John is in despair. He just can't understand her obsession with being on the media and acting in such a provocative manner.

"He is determined to make a success of being speaker and takes the job very seriously. He regards it as an enormous privilege. But every time he is interviewed all they want to talk about is Sally's latest stunt."

And outspoken Labour MP has come under a lot of criticism for her antics, which included posing naked, covered only in a bed sheet.

> MP demands Sally Bercow pays her Celebrity Big Brother fee to the taxpayer!

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