Amy Childs left unimpressed with Lucien's attempts at flirting

Amy Childs

We've already seen how Lucien likes to wind up Amy Childs, previously jokingly storming out of the sauna in anger after a conversation with her. Last night he was at it again, but as he supposedly broke down in tears over his love for her, Amy wasn't too impressed with his attempts at flirting.

Confronting Amy with his 'feelings', Lucien told her: “I don’t get you, I don’t get you."

He added: “I feel a bit weird around you,” before Amy Childs interrupted him before he put his foot in it anymore. “You don’t have to be weird around me,” she told him.


“I fall to pieces,” he continued, "I feel a bit weird, you know, around you, I don’t know,” he replied.

“So your saying you fancy me?”, asked Amy, but Lucien wasn't letting on to anything!

It was only later in the closet of the bedroom where he told Darryn that he “can’t stop thinking about her” and that he thinks the Essex babe is an "amazing girl."

He then broken down in tears over his love, but with none of the other housemates falling for his games Lucien ended up laughing to himself on the floor.

“I think it’s all an act, it’s all an act, isn’t it?” an unimpressed Amy asked.

Check out the clip below...

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