Tara Reid and Pamela Bach clash over food on Celebrity Big Brother

Tara Reid

Celebrity Big Brother housemates Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and Tara Reid clashed night after Big Brother threw a party in celebration of fellow housemate Darryn Lyons' 46th birthday. Despite laying on food, booze, cake and party gifts, the housemates still found something to argue about.

And it seemed to all be about whether they should keep the food outside or inside the house, with Tara getting annoyed with Pamela for "running" the party by apparently trying to clear up.

"Go to bed," Tara told her ,"Go to bed. you're being crazy and we're all having fun... you're ruining the party.


Pamela claimed was simply being "responsible" for doing a bit of tidying up, but Tara continued: "You’re stopping [the party]! Just because you’re ready to go to bed, that doesn’t mean we are."

Former wife of The Hoff Pamela replied: "I never said I’m going to bed. I just said I wanted to take the food in."

An irritated Tara went on: "Pamela, you’re being crazy. Normally you're the most fun person but relax, stop. You’re being strict all of a sudden, like an extra strict mum.

"Honestly, enjoy it. People get booted out of the house, let everyone have some fun. If you want to go to bed, go to bed, and let us take care of it."

But as Pamela insisted on taking the food into the house, Tara got more annoyed: "Oh god, you’re being tough, just relax. There’s no reason for it."

Perhaps Tara should've been the one with the secret diva task...

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