Pamela Bach Hasselhoff's daughters want Jedward to win Celebrity Big Brother

Pamela Bach Hasselhoff Celebrity Big Brother

Pamela Bach Hasselhoff's daughters, Hayley and Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, have revealed that they're currently backing Jedward to win Celebrity Big Brother 2011, rather than their mum! Speaking to the Daily Star today, the pair added that they were "worried" about how she will cope with the pressures of the house.

“I’ve heard there is a lot of back-stabbing in the show and we’re worried because she is so sensitive,” Taylor said. “I don’t want anyone being mean about our mum.

“I know part of the show is doing things that aren’t nice and trying to win the show through conniving and I don’t like that aspect.”


The blonde duo added that Pamela - who divorced from Baywatch star David Hasselhoff in 2006 after more than 15 years of marriage - would not be enjoying any late night drunken antics.

Taylor said: "She’s not a big drinker and we know they’ve put lots of alcohol in there for the housemates.

"She won’t like it if they are all getting smashed or anything like that. But she’s a peacemaker.

The 21-year-old added: “She will get involved in arguments but only to calm things down. She will be good for the house in that respect. She will hate nominations though – she will struggle to vote someone out.”

But when it came to their favourites, their mum wasn't in the picture: "We love Jedward – they are our favourites!" they told the newspaper

They added: “We think our mom will get on well with them as she will think they are cute and try and mother them.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

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