Kerry Katona, Sally Bercow and Bobby Sabel face first Celebrity Big Brother eviction

Kerry Katona Celebrity Big Brother

Kerry Katona, Sally Bercow and Bobby Sabel have become the first housemates to face Celebrity Big Brother eviction in a shock twist on tonight's live show. As a result of failing her secret mission, Kerry was automatically put up for the vote and forced to choose two others to join her.

On tonight's live show, Kerry was called to the diary room as the other housemates watched on the plasma from the sofas.

Big Brother informed the former Atomic Kitten star that as a result of failing her secret task to convince the other housemates she was the show's biggest diva, she was automatically up for the public vote.


Furthermore, Kerry had to choose two housemates to join her, with no other nominations taking place.

"This is so unfair," Kerry complained, "I don't know who to vote for! Oh my god... this is awful... this is really horrible."

As Big Brother tried to get the two names of her, Kerry continued to moan: "I can't do this, this is awful...”

But after a good five minutes of, ironically, acting like a diva, she finally revealed: "I'm going to nominate Bobby because I don't really know him... but he's great person and great looking and I'm sure there's more there."

But when it came to the second nomination there was more diva antics from the former I'm a Celebrity winner: "This is awful! Can I not nominate myself again?"

In the however Kerry said: "I'm going to have to say to the person I haven't spoken to the most... Oh, I don't know! I want to go home.

"I’m going to go with Sally... but no, she's a mum, she's got kids! Okay, Sally!"

As a result, Kerry, Sally and Bobby will all face the public vote next Friday on the first eviction.

And in a further twist, this year's evictions will be vote to SAVE.

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