Kerry Katona and Amy Childs kick off the Big Brother bitching... sort of

Amy Childs Celebrity Big Brother

Less than 24 hours in the house and the bitching has already started, with the sauna becoming the base from some backstabbing comments... sort of. To be honest, on the scale of Big Brother bitching, Amy Childs and Kerry Katona's chat this afternoon wasn't the worst we've seen...

"Everyone’s lovely aren't they? we've got a nice crew," TOWIE babe Amy Childs starts. But she's not sure about hot model Bobby Sabel.

Or perhaps, like most of the viewers, she doesn't have a clue who he is.

"I think Bobby's a bit... dunno.. we haven't seen him yet..." the puzzled red head told Kerry. "He's not put his barrier down."


Other housemates - even Jedward - got their seal of approval however.

"Paddy is lovely, he's being his total self. Sally is lovely," Amy continued.

Kerry added: "Tara is hilarious, Pamela is hysterical... I even like Jedward, they're so entertaining, I want them to stay in!"

But Amy mused: "I can't wait to see Jedward after a couple of days, to see what they're really like..."

We wonder...

Watch the clip below...

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