MP demands Sally Bercow pays her Celebrity Big Brother fee to the taxpayer!

Sally Bercow Celebrity Big Brother

Sally Bercow, wife of the Commons Speaker, has been urged to donate her Celebrity Big Brother fee back to the taxpayer. Channel 5 have paid £150,000 to get the former Labour MP onto the new series, which kicked off last, bust has only taken £30,000 of the fee for herself.

£20,000 has been spent hiring PR guru Max Clifford for the three week tint while the remaining £100,000 has been donated to charity.

But MP Kate Hoey demanded Mrs Bercow pay her fee back to the taxpayer after living rent free in an apartment in Parliament, central London. Sally and husband John have been living in the Speaker's House within the Palace of Westminster since 2009.


The Labour MP for Vauxhal, Hoey told BBC News: "If she is earning that amount of money, why should taxpayers - and my hard-pressed constituents - contribute to her living in rent-free accommodation?"

"If she is a public figure, why is she not contributing to the cost of her accommodation?"

But Sally's publicist Max Clifford dismissed the suggestion, saying: "This grace-and-favour accommodation is her husband's. Would Kate Hoey prefer it if she moved out of there with her three children?"

He continued: "I am a Labour supporter, but it doesn't really bear too much looking at."

And he added that Sally was expected to get a rough ride for entering the house.

"She expects there will be a lot of criticism, most of which she will enjoy," he told the BBC News website. "She is her own person. She is not her husband's representative."

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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