Amy Childs promises to show off her body on Celebrity Big Brother!

Amy Childs Celebrity Big Brother

Amy Childs has vowed to show off her newly toned body on Celebrity Big Brother, saying she's not going to be shy about walking about in her bikini or comparing boobs with her other female housemates! Speaking to the Daily Star, Amy revealed she was going to flaunt new assets...

“I’m happy to show off my body. I’m bringing 15 bikinis in the house with me,” she declared to the newspaper. “I am confident with my body, so if it’s sunny outside then I will definitely be wearing a bikini.

“I’ll be naked, too – but only in the shower. You won’t see that, I hope!”


And she promised to give viewers a lot more than they bargained for, saying: “I’ll be comparing boobs with the other girls, though mine have shrunk recently as I’ve lost weight.

“I love my curves so I definitely don’t want to be skinny. I’ve been training and working out but I want to keep my shape and be healthy.”

Meanwhile, asked how she would cope with being in the house with Jedward, Amy replied: "I like being around lively people, but I've met them before and, well, if they're like that all the time they might drive me a bit nuts!

"I'll be like, 'Boys, can you just calm it down a bit? Thanks'"

And the sexy Essex star said no one would be immune from her vajazzling! "I'd like to get the boys involved as well!" she teased.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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