Emma Willis "crapping it" ahead of Celebrity Big Brother launch!

Emma Willis

Big Brother's Bit On The Side host Emma Willis has said she's “crapping it” ahead of the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 2011 on Channel 5 tonight. Speaking to TellyMix, Emma however added she saw nerves as a good thing, saying they kept her on her toes!

Talking about the first show tonight, Emma told us: "I’ll be pretty crapping it, there’s your headline!"

She continued: "I used to take a swift vodka and Redbull but I can’t do that now [points to baby bump]. I think nerves are good because they keep you on your toes. If I wasn’t nervous then I think you tend to slip up more."


Despite admitting she was nervous about her Channel 5 debut, Emma revealed she wasn't feeling under any pressure... unlike main show host Brian Dowling.

"I’m quite relived I’m not him!" Emma explained. "Not personally, I don’t really feel that pressure. Maybe when I’m there [in the studio] it will hit home. I think it’s a brilliant show and has legs, as long as it executes well it can on for a while."

And the heavily pregnant brunette beauty pleaded with fans of the show to give the new-look programme a chance.

Emma said: "I think people will be very quick to judge the show and Brian and how crap I am at debating, I think other people and critics put pressure on those that are doing it far too quickly.

"It’s a new channel and a new look and it needs time to settle, Brian needs time to get comfortable, I need time to get comfortable. People need to get it some breathing space and don’t give us a hard time!"

But despite the nerves and expecting as part of her job, Emma added she most definitely wanted to be back for next year's show.

"Depends if I’m any good this year! I’m hoping fingers crossed, I’d like to stay on as long a possible, but I suppose they’ll gauge what people think. I’d love to stay on as long as possible," she said.

Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side airs tonight on Channel 5 at 10:30PM, straight after the launch show which starts at 9PM.

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