Channel 5 release statement on Big Brother live feed axe for 2011

Big Brother Channel 5

Channel 5 have this evening officially confirmed the end of live feed for Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother 2011 in a statement posted on the official website. Following on from stories earlier today after comments made by the show's producers, Channel 5 said it would be focusing on "the habits of our audience today".

"Following speculation surrounding the live feed, we can confirm there will not be a 24 hour live feed from the house available online or on-air," Channel 5 confirmed.

They continued: "This year we have decided to focus on the nightly highlights show and on directly engaging with the show's viewers through social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and specially created iPhone, iPad and Android apps.


"The aim is to reflect the habits of our audience today and we believe that prioritising social media is the way to get people involved in the show."

New Big Brother exec Gavin Henderson said earlier today that the axe was made in order to make the show appeal to a more "casual viewer".

He explained: “The combination of relying on actuality in real time and an analytical voiceover with date stamps made it quite a loyal watch and not the kind of thing a casual viewer would be invited to come to.

“But by cutting it differently, adjusting the pace and adding more signposting gives people permission not to have to watch it for three months religiously.”

Meanwhile Endemol exec Tim Hinks added: “Whereas before it was all about live streaming, now it’s about how viewers engage with it via social media."

Celebrity Big Brother starts on Channel 5 this Thursday.

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