Brian Dowling: I'm "f**king chuffed" to be hosting Big Brother 2011!

Brian Dowling

New Big Brother host Brian Dowling made his feelings about hosting the show very clear yesterday, saying he was "f**king chuffed" to be presenting. Speaking at the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 201 on Channel 5, Brian said both he and Emma Willis were excited the show was back.

"I really don't have so much to say, apart from I'm absolutely f**king chuffed that I've been asked [to present the show]," Brian said at yesterday's event.

He continued: "In Ultimate Big Brother we buried the Big Brother chair, which was sad. And when I left the house I was like 'This is so sad, I'm the last person ever in the Big Brother house', how wrong I was!"

With just two days to go until Celebrity Big Brother 2011 launches on Channel 5, Brian added: "I'm so excited it's back, we've got Emma Willis who's heavily pregnant and a huge fan of the show! We're both super excited!"

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 starts on August 18 at 9PM on Channel 5.

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