Big Brother on Channel 5 'will feature flashbacks' reveals Marcus Bentley

Marcus Bentley

Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley has revealed that Channel 5 bosses are set to alter the show's format by adding in flashbacks to the highlight shows. The Geordie voiceover, who quit his job at Channel 4 to narrate the new series, said we'd be hearing a lot more of him on this year's show.

Until now, the highlights shows have only included footage from the previous 24 hours inside the house, but it's understood that flashbacks would see relevant clips from previous shows inserted to provide context for discussions and arguments.

Marcus explained: "They're going to be a bit of tweaking with the format.


"There's going to be bits of flashbacks, there's going to be a 'Yesterday, Nasty Nick went to the diary room and slagged everyone off' kind of thing... "

He added: "It's going to be different, there's going to be more Marcus."

Marcus previously said he was "emotional and overwhelmed" when he heard the series was coming back - and Channel 5 wanted him to narrate the programme.

“I’m overwhelmed to think it’s coming back," he confessed last month.

The 43-year-old added: "When I heard they wanted me to do it I was quite emotional. It’s been my life for over a decade and I was worried they’d go for a completely new look and get someone else in. When I was offered it I didn’t give it a second thought – I said yes straightaway.”

But the move to Channel 5 cost Marcus his job as a continuity announcer at Channel 4. He told BoltonFM this week: "When I made the decision to go to Big Brother, Channel 4 said I had to resign, which I think was a bit short sighted."

Big Brother on Channel 5 starts with Celebrity Big Brother from August 18.

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