Sally Bercow to get £100,000 for Celebrity Big Brother 2011?

Big Brother 2011 eye

Sally Bercow, wife of the House of Commons speaker, is set to be paid £100,000 to take part in Celebrity Big Brother 2011 later this month, it has been claimed. According to the London Evening Standard today, the deal with the outspoken former Labour MP is "done and dusted".

A source had linked Sally to the show earlier this month, saying: "Sally is obviously not shy and has never made it a secret that she has views on nearly absolutely everything.

“It’s fair to say that she’s a professional antagonist – the house will not be boring with Sally in it.”

However Sally took to Twitter to dismiss the reports, writing: "Now *Seriously* tempted to go on Big Brother as riposte to those banging on about “dignity of the speaker’s office”. I am *not* the Speaker [sic]


“Love the Daily Fail – Who knew it was 1950 and men should rein in their women.”

She added: “Anyway, enough of this excitement. I’m meant to be packing (for Devon, Not Big Brother – chill out Daily Fail).”

But a production source said tonight: "While some of the other deals are still pending, Sally's has been done and dusted. Unless she decides to pull out before next week, she's a cert to go in the house.

They added: "We wanted to create a house that was more homely and luxurious - somewhere the housemates would actually want to live."

Neither she nor her husband commented on the claims.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 starts on August 18, with other names linked to the show including X Factor twins Jedward and TOWIE star Amy Childs.

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