Brian Dowling and Emma Willis don't want to see sex on Big Brother 2011!

Brian Dowling

While Big Brother 2011 bosses may be trying their best to get this year's housemates to canoodle with one another, the new look hosting team don't want to see any sex in the house! Both Brian Dowling and Emma Willis told TellyMix they didn't want to see any saucy business going on between the housemates.

The comments come despite show bosses reportedly trying to encourage this year’s wannabes to get together, with a bathroom made of see-through walls, double beds, and a steamy sauna in the garden.

But Brian told us: "I don’t think I want [sex in the house] actually, I don’t think I want people to do that in the house, I’d be annoyed if they did."

And the new Big Brother host admitted he wasn't sure how he'd go about interviewing a housemate who had gone all the way. He explained: "I’m not sure how I’d handle that… I wouldn’t want sex in the house, no."


But Brian did say he didn't mind people getting together during their stay, saying: "I’d like to think the show still has the potential to create lasting relationships.

"I think it’s fun to watch, like Chanelle and Ziggy, stuff like that’s amazing. We like to watch other people in relationships, like that ‘It’s not me, it’s you’, we love s**t like that."

Meanwhile, host of new Big Brother spin off Big On The Side Emma Willis agreed, telling us: "No! I don’t want them to [have sex].

"I think people think because it’s being relaunched and it’s going to be out there, I think people will assume there’ll be wacky characters, I don’t think that will be the case. I really hope they don’t. It brings it down a bit.

"It’s just a bit…"

Celebrity Big Brother 2011, hosted by Brian, starts on August 18 at 9PM. Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side follows at 10:30PM with Emma.

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