Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Kerry Katona's ex Brian McFadden to enter the house?

Kerry Katona

Ooohh, it sounds as though the new bosses behind Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother are set to stir up this year's house right from the word go. We've heard that Friday's special live show, just a day after the launch, could well see the entrance of Kerry Katona's ex Brian McFadden!

The Westlife singer married Kerry in 2002, with whom he had two child, but the pair split just two years later admit cheating claims.

Now Kerry has revealed she suspects that Brian could well be on his way to Esltree for the return of Big Brother in less than two weeks' time.


A pal of the former Atomic Kitten singer told Closer magazine: "She's worried Brian [McFadden] might be in there.

"She was told someone might pitch up to rattle her cage, but she assumed it'd be another ex, like, like Dan Foden or even Mark Croft. But she's found out Brian's back in Ireland a week before the show and she thinks he could be going in."

But rather than pushing Kerry's buttons, it sounds as though Brian's presence in the house could well see the pair reunite!

"Kerry's been saying it'd break her heart being in the house with him because pat of her still loves him," the pal tells the magazine.

They added: "She hasn't been around him for a great amount of time since they spilt - it could really wreck her head."

Closer magazine is out now. Celebrity Big Brother 2011 starts on August 18.

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