Jedward worried about inhaling farts on Celebrity Big Brother...


X Factor twins John and Edward have confessed their biggest fear ahead of their rumoured entrance into the Celebrity Big Brother house later this month: Farts. Speaking to heat magazine this week the duo also revealed viewers were unlikely to see them with their hair down!

Edward told the magazine: "Our hair is done in the morning because we do our hair at night. You can sleep on our hair. It can last for up to five days."

The singers, who took part in The X Factor back in 2009, told the magazine their worst fears when entering the house.


"Probably someone who likes eating really, really bad food. I don't want to be anywhere near them, inhaling their fats," Edward said.

John explained: "We're like trees, OK, we breathe in the bad stuff and go to sleep on the ground."

And the pair said they were prepared for Big Brother's iconic mad and testing tasks.

Edward told the magazine: "Me and John go to sleep in the ground.

"We're able to, if you want us to. Our fans all slept outside on the ground. We were in Sweden the other day and there were loads of fans outside our hotel, so we the blankets and pillows down to them.

"We don't throw TVs out the window, we throw blankets."

The full interview is out in this week's heat. Celebrity Big Brother starts on Channel 5 on August 18.

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