Steve Strange confirms Celebrity Big Brother rumours... and says he couldn't live with Jedward!

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80s singer Steve Strange has confirmed reports linking him to Celebrity Big Brother, saying he has had meetings with TV bosses to appear on the reality show. Speaking to Wales Online however, the singer said he couldn't stand the thought of living in the house with Jedward!

Steve Strange – real name Steven John Harrington – has reportedly been offered £50,000 to join the show when it airs on Channel 5 for the first time later this month.

Speaking about the rumours, Steve confessed: “Admittedly, I have had meetings. The last my agent heard was I was down to [the final] 20.

“People have been literally bombarding Channel 5 and Endemol saying: ‘If you don’t stick Steve into the house, it is your loss’.”


Big Brother bosses apparently reckon Strange will make an “excellent housemate” thanks to his murky past as an ex Heroin junkie and shoplifter, as well as suffering from mental problems after his pop career collapsed in the 90s.

The singer was given a suspended jail sentence in 2000 for shoplifting, including pinching a Teletubby doll from a shop in Bridgend.

Since then however his career has been getting back on track, with appearances on reality show Celebrity Scissorhands and BBC One drama Ashes To Ashes.

Steve said: “I promise you that as entertainment value I won’t let you down.”

But he revealed he wouldn't know whether he'd enter the house until the last minute: “The way Endemol work they won’t be finalising the names until three days before the show. I know Charlie Sheen or Pamela Anderson and they know we could devise a plot. They don’t want anything like that going on.”

And th2 52-year-old confessed to no not looking forward to spending time with Jedward! “One thing I couldn’t handle is Jedward and like a constant echo round me. I think I’m sort of barking in some respects but I wouldn’t like to think I was hearing things," he said.

Celebrity Big Brother starts on August 18.

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