Sally Bercow rubbishes Celebrity Big Brother rumours from the "Daily Fail"

Big Brother 2011 eye

Sally Bercow has rubbished rumours suggesting she'd be entering Celebrity Big Brother this year, describing the reports that appeared this morning as from the "Daily Fail", adding the paper needed to "chill out". The former MP, who is married to the Speaker of the House of Commons, was criticised for apparently taking part.

A source told the newspaper: “Sally is obviously not shy and has never made it a secret that she has views on nearly absolutely everything.

“It’s fair to say that she’s a professional antagonist – the house will not be boring with Sally in it.”


Tory MP Rob Wilson also - now rather embarrassingly - had his say: “John Bercow said he wanted to restore respect and dignity to Parliament in his manifesto for Speaker. I am not sure how Sally Bercow going on one of the country’s tackiest shows helps.

“Is it really appropriate for the Speaker’s wife to use Parliament for her own financial gain? After all, the only reason for the invitation is because her husband is the Speaker, I would urge her to think very carefully about what she is doing.”

Taking to Twitter however, Sally said: “Now *Seriously* tempted to go on Big Brother as riposte to those banging on about “dignity of the speaker’s office”. I am *not* the Speaker [sic]

“Love the Daily Fail – Who knew it was 1950 and men should rein in their women.”

She added: “Anyway, enough of this excitement. I’m meant to be packing (for Devon, Not Big Brother – chill out Daily Fail).”

Celebrity Big Brother stars on August 18 on Channel 5

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